Business and the Worldwide Web

Business and the Worldwide Web

If a business today is not already on the internet then it probably is not making as much money as it could be. Marketing today is heavily internet based and so marketing in Ney Work City is internet based but so is Newfoundland marketing and marketing throughout the rest of the world. Marketing today must be based on the internet as that is where an increasing amount of business is taking place.

For instance it is already known that at least 50% of shoppers today, first look on the internet to see if they can get what they need there rather than ‘shopping’ for it in the traditional way. Also people are spending an increasing amount of time online, usually on one or other of the social sites and so it is there where you have to catch their attention.

Of course, having caught their attention, you will want to direct it to your website and that is why a business needs a website. It is not just enough to have a website though, that website must be effective in persuading visitors to buy whatever it is you are offering and so the website must be high quality, interesting and updated regularly. We will look at these things one at a time and so first, the website. When anyone online is directed to a website, it is that website’s home page they will be directed to and so that page must be capable of conveying an immediate good impression.

This means choosing an appropriate theme for the page and if you want an image on the page, it should be a good one, one that catches the eye and is relevant to what the site has to offer. The page should be well laid out and have a site map which is both easy to see and also easy to navigate. A link to a contact page is also useful and shows visitors that you are professional. Next comes the quality of the site and that should be very high on every page. This means that if you have images, they should be clear images and if you have articles, those articles should free from grammatical error so they are easy to use.

There topic should be relevant to what you provide and be as interesting as possible. Lastly we move on to updating the website. More than 50% of business that takes place online occurs between the website and a returning visitor. If every time a visitor goes to the site, if it is always the same with no changes, they will get bored and look for somewhere more interesting to do their shopping.

If you have used Search Engine Optimization for your website, which will increase its numbers of visitors and you have a high quality, interesting and frequently updated website, your sales via the internet should continue to increase but have an SEO specialist check the site occasionally to ensure no major updates are needed.

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